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Clear - The Gallon Challenge™ (3.7L)

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Join The Gallon Challenge!

 75% of adults only drink 2.5 cups a day on average. That’s SIX times less than what’s recommend!

Join Thousands!

The Gallon Challenge has been a viral sensation since April 2021! Join our community and post a photo of yourself conquering #TheGallonChallenge! We may just feature you on our socials! 

Every Bottle Sold is a Donation.


We proudly donate clean water to communities in need to help us reach our goal of ending world thirst. As an organization, it's a part of our business to give back. We will show you exactly where your gifts go.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

All of our products here at The Gallon Challenge™ are sent with both USPS Priority Mail Shipping from Los Angeles, CA & Express International Shipping from Shenzhen, China. Depending on your location, packages may arrive as fast as 4 days after fulfillment. For more info, please see our Shipping Policy. 

Each bottle is made from 100%BPA free material equipped with an ergonomic strap and handle for easy carry. A simple flip top opening makes for a refreshing sip every time (Seriously, our straw is AWESOME!). With so many colors to choose from, living healthy has never looked so good!

The Gallon Challenge™ is an online community determined to solve world-thirst. 75% of adults in first-world countries are dehydrated. Imagine the percentage for the rest of the world.

For every purchase, you pledge to solve this problem. When you purchase a bottle, you pledge to help us give clean water to communities around the world. Our bottles are sold as a recurring bi-weekly fee (First payment is for your bottle and the rest are to help us donate to communities in need). And as a thank you, you can expect randomized gifts delivered straight to your doorstep (Shirts, Extra bottles, Bracelets and most importantly, updates on our Water Projects). By purchasing, you agree to signing up for the TGC subscription. More info here


Join us today and lets rehydrate the world together!